Additional Scratch-Resistant Beads


When you really want to make a RAKIT®, customize your RAKIT® with our exclusive scratch-resistant beads. Our beads create a “shaker-effect” and are designed to maximize the RAKIT® you make. Each tube contains 90 translucent, acrylic beads specifically designed to best reflect the LED lights.  Choose your colors and start making a RAKIT®! 

Use only RAKIT®-approved beads. Other beads and objects can cause scratches to the inner walls of the RAKIT®.  We recommend using only two to three tubes of beads at one time with your RAKIT® as any more might cover up your insert design.

Check back soon! More exclusive RAKIT® beads coming soon - glow in the dark, disco, glitter, and more!

RAKIT® is the world’s first all-in-one device for cheering on your favorite teams, family members and friends. It combines a compact 7-inch megaphone, 8 powerful, adjustable RGBW LED lights, noisemakers, an insert you design and it’s all fully customizable to match your team’s colors!

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RAKIT® Specifications

Polished Acrylic

Impact-resistant/light-transmitting clear acrylic

LED Settings

1. On (white LEDs) 2. Chase (color LEDs)
3. Pulse (white LEDs) 4. Blink (color LEDs)
5. Manual (white LEDs)


RAKIT® removable lanyard (included)

LED Lights

8 super-bright RGBW LED lights


Self-adhesive customizable inserts


3 AAA (not included)

LED Brightness

High / Medium / Low


Exclusive RAKIT® Scratch-Resistant


7" Tall / 2" Base Width / 5" Top Width

Make more than noise, let’s make a Rakit!

Let’s get loud! Bring a Rakit to your next game or competition to cheer on your favorite team or athlete. You can customize your Rakit with your own logos, drawings and names. Get beads to match your team’s colors. Flashing lights add to the excitement. Are you ready to make a Rakit? Be part of the game!

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